song by Titus Andronicus
STRANDED (On my own) lyrics

Crazy heart, where have you gone?
I thought that you and me were really getting along
Left alone to dread the dawn,
Like some kind of science experiment gone wrong
I could've made history
Now I've been made history
Who knew that victory could be so suffery?
Cover the thick blood stains on your sick young brain
Just take your Ritalin and then you can play the old hits again
You explained the abyss away,
I can't listen when you say you're not missing me
You kissed me in the blustering heat right there on the street,
With tears on my glistening cheek
Now, no one listens to me, they tell me I'm twisted and weak
I see that I was picked to be the picture in the dictionary
Look up, 'Addicted' that's me
Then look up, 'Wicked disease'
Then look up, 'Sick of Police'
Then look up, 'Victim' closely

I meet the mystery beast,
Same one my sister receives
He comes to burgeon and beat, demands me on both knees
He will not admit defeat when he pricks, I'm gonna bleed
and I can race fist or flee,
Soon shoutin' No, mister please!
As he destroys the diseases as though Jesus could see us
High up in the cathedral where an evil heart freezes
And even the devil would start to believe when the man without equal
from the pulp it preaches
You gotta believe can tell you the secrets
That's what a priest is, he comes to obliterate all of my mischievous disgrace
Smiling through limitless rage

Violently neutered and caged
Stuffed with subliminal hate
Nothing but a puppet at play, crying in a beautiful place
Another burial display on a man visible in a legal-ish space
It's the usual way within a week of Wednesday

I thought that you and me
I thought that you and me
I thought that you and me were really getting along!