Tink G - ABC Fantasies

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A is for Aaron, always running my errands
And when I tell him to hurry, he know to make me come quick
B is for Brandon he's got a fetish for spending
So when he bought me that Beemer I took a ride on that day
C is Calvin, he got a whole lot of talent
He grew up in the islands, know how to roll with his tongue
D is for Dylan, he doesn't stop 'till I feel it
That's why I call him policeman, he come around and I run
E is for Eric, loving and sharing, is ??? when he's banging you know what I'm on
G is for Gerard, I met him through Herald
The I is for Ian, I can't deny he make me grabbing and eat it
I got a lot of y'all niggas in my phone
Can't forget the J for Jerome
He kissed me so soft and he on his own love
Drunk a little bit of wine then he got it from behind
K is for Kevin, we caught it quits and no seven
I had my eyes upon Larry, we even thought to get married
But that was that, I'd rather live with Mike all instead
N is for Nicholas, love the semi freaky picks
Came from Buenos Aires, he's the type that's into licking shit
P is for Preston, I cheated on him with Quincy
But I left that boy by his lonely when I found out they was homie
You know the R is for Rico, we got one helluva dinner
The S is for Sean, that boy can go 'till it's done
You know the T for Tyron, like having sex on the phone
Until I caught him new lesson, beside to cooking ???
Serve me up like a servant, that reminds me of Vonna
That he acts like his daddy, said I'd be richer if he had me
He wanna have my daughter,
So that I'm waiting on this pretty nigga that I know named Walter
He likes to get x rated more than in Xavier
Never asked why till I felt it in my pancreas
But can nobody top Zackary, no discrimination
All races running after me
All races running after me
All races running after me