song by Tinie Tempah
Looking Down The Barrel lyrics

LOOKING IN THE BARREL of a 12 gage Magnum
Who's that staring, have the trigger fingers squinting at me
LOOKING IN THE BARRLE of a 12 gage Magnum
I ain't never done nobody no wrong but me

Looking at a milf, thinking about chills
Man I fuck her on mil' then I give her to Shaquille
I go where the top lays looking at the chills
You gave a tour, probably looking at mil'
Look at my fur, no reciting, got killed
I even gave her a note to help me deal with a kill
19 Chevy, let your milf for a mil' ??


Life on the edge, life on the ledge
Life through the lens, life on the neck
Life in the press, where there's a life, there's a death
Sometimes I let her really hit it, go reply to my friends
This life is a bitch, life is my ex
You're so overly obsessed by the size of my head
Told me I broke her heart and put a knife to my chest
I was real cold on the other side of the land
She meet at the deep and aspire all my fears
These ?? like there's tigers and ??