song by Tim Stout
Speak Up lyrics

It's clear, you're afraid of words
You abstain yourself from speaking
Can't take the weight of words,
So you'll be crushed right underneath them
'Cause they'll cut you deep without spilling blood
Leaving it to boil instead
What you need is a thicker skin
And to get it through your thick thick head to speak up
What's the use of keeping it inside?
Speak up,
You can bottle up your feelings, but
You sure can't hide, no

It's clear you have an opinion
And think it best not to share it
I'll tell your right now if that were the case
You wouldn't form one in the first place
No, don't kid yourself
If you wanna be small, why stop there?
Why bother being anything at all?

See, you been lying to me
You been lying to you
Well, I hope you've made your bed cause you'd be lie in that too

Speak up, as if you don't have a choice
Speak up, why else would you have a voice?
Speak up, let it all come flowing out your mouth
Speak up, no use for it inside so
Just let it out.

(Don't fight it, baby

Now speak up, the tighter you keep your lips
The more you wanna say
Speak up, now life's too short for secrets
Go ahead and say it anyway
Speak up, speak up now
Speak up, speak up, speak up now
Speak up, speak up, speak up.