song by Thomston
Collarbones lyrics

Tar on the road held the heat of the day
Craving the danger is all we relay
Close like cling fim on your back
Caught in the swelter like it's a trap

Dizzier then we're spiraling down
Our time is all spent 'cause I'm spending it now
Turn the role out the heat of the day
You only get it when you say you're okay
And I believe you
'Cause nothing else could get much better
I believe you
Feeling like we've let the quieter that I see you
Keeping to yourself, yeah

Stepping right in to find out we were blind
Our vision was drowned by a burden in the sky
Caught in the daze you ort so well
The hotter I got the less that I felt
Threading the line of the land in the sea
Shivering as we got up to our knees
It's colder than we thought it'd
Further south than we'd ever been

But I need you
It's hard to make you not forget
That we need you
After all this time I'm starting to see you
Convince me that you're fine
I can't see you, collarbones and baby I'm scared
Never thought I'd be so unprepared