song by The Vernes
God's Golden Telephone lyrics

This cigarette smokes slowly
As I wander aimlessly out of this dumb luck town
and I'm sitting on the cement floor
Waiting for the clock to strike never
When I know that never will never ever come

I've swam in the sparkling seas
Amongst the plastic debris
From forgotten factories
Spied god through the cat's eyes & cried
As he sat in his throne in that city made of only gold

I've seen it all through the cat's eyes
The fate of the world
As it begins to unfold
So, I'll call god up on his golden telephone

And ask if you're always there why do I get so scared
When the sun goes to sleep and the wolves start to feast
And the rats in the cracks
and the man in the mirror
And I've seen you before you were more than you were
Now you're less than you are
So I'll call god up on his golden telephone
And say hey, cut me a break.