song by The Rides
Word Game lyrics

Would you knock a man down
If you don't like the cut of his clothes?
Would you put a man away
If you don't want to yell "adios"?
Only tapping in right jail
People die in a field by the road
And I know most you either don"t believe it"s true
Or else you don't know what to do
Or maybe I"m singing about you, who knows?
It"s incredibly sick, you can beat a lot across the land you blow
Imagine this as liquid as a word game, patches grow
Better move along quick, if brothers wanna have somewhere to go
You can feel the land that"s rumbling
Bad emotions keep it tumbling
And the cities will start to crumbling
As the empty belly's grumbling, Jericho
People see somebody different
Fear is the first reaction shown
They really think that's gonna lick the barbaric hundred years
And they're moving slow
All human spirit is devoured with the names that you carry on cold
But I was told that life is changing
Yet history remains
Cause it always stays the same
Can we shrug it off, pretend we have none of it?
By and by, somebody usually goes
Down to the ghetto that can't help
I don't know why both street can fall
And the rich kid getting richer
And everybody else just gets old
But they warn us, have a mission
In order to be a good Christian
If you don't, you will be missing
The best of the evening road show
And the well fed masters bid the highest
On the polluted seeds they saw
Smirk and self-righteous they bitch about people they hurt.
And you can't prove them wrong
It's a goddamn showing off
I have these things with my very own eyes
And the good that my mother told me of the Jew jump to die
All this propaganda and all of these lies
Will not force me to take apart that's my enemy's eyes
And I walked down by Israel, that village is precise
He said you will do it wrong and nobody's gonna cry
As children are growing up, playing and tryna pretty up
With bigotry in silver cups, that burn stick will turn on you.