song by The Family Madrigal
All Of You lyrics

from Disney's Animation Movie "Encanto"

Look at this home, need a new foundation
When they seem hopeless, but we'll get by just fine
Look at this family, glowing constellation
So full of stars where everybody wants to shine

But the stars don't shine, they burn
When constellation shift
I think it's time to learn
You're more than just a gift
And I'm sorry I held on too tight
Just so afraid I'd lose you too
A miracle is not so magic what you've got
The miracle is you, not a gift, just you
The miracle is you
All of you, all of you

Okay, so we gotta talk about Bruno

It's Bruno,
Yeah, there's a lot to say about Bruno
I'll start, okay
Pepper and salt,
Bout me don't need to be upset
I wasn't a prophecy, I could just sit here
And sweating
I Wanted you to know that you blow at your soul
Let it out, let it rain, let it snow
Let it go (that's what mamma was always saying)
Got a lot of apologies I got to say
I was just happy that you're here, okay
Come into the light
And no matter what happens
We're gonna find our way
Him I knew I loved hm, never hurt him any day

Ooh ooh oh ooh
What's that sound?
Ooh ooh oh ooh
I think it's everyone in town.

They found you're lo-
They found you're lonely
Hold me down
Hold me down
We have no fists
But we are many and we'll do anything for you

It's a dream that we've worked as a team
We're so strong
I'll hold on so tight
So do I
I think I'm no strong, but I'm getting wiser
I need some [??]
Watch her fly straight up to the sky
Let's go
Stars don't shine, they burn
When constellation more
The season's change and turn
As we watch our little grow old
She thinks after you