song by Tev'n
Callous Heart lyrics

Throw your stones, watch me bleed
'Cause this callous is what I need
Something with a little more consciousness
Just to feel I need answers
That's just the silver lining, I'm straight denying
Whatever you say is never mind
I'm PSP plus turpentine
So hard and solo, road alone, I'm

I want something, need something, crave something
Tired of being
My heart's racing, pulsating, anticipating all, waking, I'm
Roll around, I'm stacked up, got blunt gold in my system, I'm
One line away from that paradise

Catch me
Catch me when I fall
Catch me
Catch me when I fall

All I see is women with their hair up
Nose down, with PGDs from old town
Still offer that wee, wanna be pimped up, hosed down
Like a Wild West showdown, chalk on the floor
Now you've got bodies on top of bodies
Wasting futures all on abortions
Glorious, can't I, clothes on the back, burn right
Starting to feel like a movie scene
I got jasmine thoughts and ruby dreams
This is just emotion when you're stuck without the notion
That it's better just to be like fuck me and free, uhm