Talib Kweli - To The Music

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Foundation y'all
Brooklyn New York is the most certainly in the building.
World wide baby.
Go 'head, go 'head ya!
Go 'head, go 'head, yeah yeah.

First rule at the party, respect the DJ!
Second rule if you got the girls dance, respect the replay.
Always she play, word.
The woman is the boom, yeah.
Being the Moon in the sky, would surrender you?
Carring the sword, like she on ?? tune
Got a Napolean complex, they wanna party,
Yeah, when I go to dawn
I had her in the heart.
The life's about the flood light, no it's not.
Faith it must've been enough to be caucious
That's why I never forced for her to receive office
Wherever she go, wherever she go often.
Dancing all night like she's never exhausted.
You'd better ?? she is too much to handle,
I got her to open, but now the both hands to candle??
C'mon. Know I ain't like the rest of the dudes,
Please forgive the confussion of the rhythm
Cause my heart beat to the music
And when the motherfucking boys get jealous
She start on them like she's Miss Taylor.
Cross the floor like Grace Kelly,
Not a care in the World, I got a nigger tell me
(I got you Kweli, man)

We only hail once, let's live it on
All black, first ??, glass tinny hoe
All club pack up in a liquor.
The more Patron, the more damage to my liver.
Sitting on the couch with my niggers,
Screaming in the air yeah, we gon' live forever!
Damn, I wish this moment last forever!
Long enough for us to have a moment to remember!
Been around the world, lived the crazy life,
Shawty said she heard stories about ?? tribe.
She (...)