song by Tabi Bonney
High School Jam lyrics

See the?? into the mirror
I see how like he's cheating me.
I can see al kind of changes,
That's really deep down inside of me.

If I take you to dinner
Is only go together, I count it all my pennies
I got my walking mandies.
Cologne is Gucci Gucci,
Got those shorts like Lana Gucci
Got extra coins maybe I for week to
Catch a movie.
And set the wall way in the back
She said Ain't no need for that,
Cause you ain't getting nothing,
She got some gum and popping bubbles
She from the Fale, she ain't subtle like the model ones.

Baby, hear all of the ??
I hope I get a kiss, me and my friends place bets
Why them pretty girls make you wait
For fucking have her.
She told wait the clock,
I'm back an hour later
Damn, she could take it forever.

Set back ??
Sorry for the rain, I said it's cool
You cool, you ain't really gonna take that long
Go! You look fantastic as always
That's why boys follow you through the hallways
And I'm so glad to be here tonight.
You got me feeling like two years tonight
Or prom night.
Mine is uh uh, you know you know
You know , you know.
She said yeah, I know I know.
So, I'ma enter right there
?? rubbing around like some
Tell down the rest of the store,
So, ?? pretty girl.
You know we go out, see the movies
Set way into the back
All the way to the back. Was only me and her there,
Maybe one or two hundred people today
Could've see us , you know?
Start kissing, I know I lift up her shirt
Start to kiss her slow down steady,
No stopping in.
She had her hand in ??
I was done!