song by Sody
Bedroom ceiling lyrics

I stay up late and I talk to the moon
And I can't stop telling him all about you
Wonder if you do the same thing I do

And These four white walls know more than my friends
They watch me type messages I'll never send
This is the place that I just can't pretend to be alright

Is you bedroom ceiling bored like mine
Of you staring at it all the time
Cause it sees so many nights while I cry and I yell at the sky
For not telling you how I feel
Is your bedroom ceiling bored like mine

I get up early and talk to the sun
I ask her for guidance but she ain't got none
How am I supposed to know you're not the one
I'm begging to the mirror cause I cannot find an answer
Too busy falling apart and I wonder if
You're moving on
If you are what's your secret
Cause I can't work out where to start

I stay up late and I talk