Sinead O'Brien - GIRLKIND

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[Intro speaking:]
Eternity is not never-ending, ever-lasting
It is in the stillness
In walls, fences, liminal spaces

Remember when the virgin rock
and the statues come to stop

Stay under, go beneath
Til sun will wet the frost
and fog make fogginess for us
Muddy the visions for our innocence
Til the tide approach
To clean the beach for new feet to print the sand
and walk amongst the rock
Long to test the traps
Would little ankles snap
Dialogues still cease to stop
Come neon lights and burn the fog
When the virgin rock,
The statues come to stop

Eternity be
Of an evening overseen
On a moment in between or underwhelming
I have misunderstood
The ever-lasting experience
Of Girlkind and Humanhood
You have seen nothing yet.

Eternity is so much less than I had thought
A long withstanding single moment
An unacknowledged act
A leg caught on the trap
And would the ankle snap
To free the snare from the fawn
Or the thought from the clock

Not a profound concept
More likely to be found
in the falling down of hair
The movement slow or fast through thickened air
That we may see true the shapes
And real the time the action takes
For great movements to be made
Longing for rest against the watch
We wait until the minute passes
And surely it does as it always has done
But this does not quieten our widening eyes
Our broadening smiles
Nor put an end to our quest
To unearth truth and bury lies
Nor dampen the life inside of our heads
Nor the need for the stopping of the passing of the moments
Do not be afraid of silent places
Do not wait for eternal gates to open
Patience is outdated here
The secrets of the ages tell all else
But you have seen nothing yet
You have seen nothing yet

It may be time soon to celebrate
Our strandedness in the liminal space
Put a word to each new object here
And make a face to end all faces
A face to face the questioning
And a smile for the coming spring
If spring is here what spring was before
And a step into a new direction
A look to stop the suffering
Return the bullet to its owner
Place the sword back in the stone
It may be soon but may be quite long
I cannot tell you
All the signs I see point wrong
We have seen nothing yet

We have not seen anything yet
In Humankind and in Girlhood.