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Album : Sianvar [2014]

Album : Sianvar [2014] album cover

Post-hardcore band Sianvar have released their debut self-titled album which includes 5 new tracks.
Pronounced "sea-en-var", the band features the participation of Hail the Sun's Donovan Melero on vocals, with guitars handled by Will Swan and Sergio Medina of Dance Gavin Dance and Stolas respectively. Michael Littlefield and Joseph Arrington (both of A Lot Like Birds) round out the lineup on bass and drums. Check out below the album's tracklisting and song lyrics.
Sianvar's track listing as it is:

01. Chest Pressure
02. Sick Machine
03. Your Tongue Ties
04. Virtual Vain
05. Substance Sequence

1. Chest Pressure lyrics
2. Sick Machine lyrics
3. Your Tongue Ties lyrics