Shannon & The Clams - The Vows

The Vows by Shannon & The Clams Song lyrics | Music video

Track no. 1 on the band's album The Moon Is In The Wrong Place, released May 2024. The Vow Song Lyrics are added here.

Beautiful guy with the sun in your eyes
I've been waiting, waiting for your love
Now you're all mine
For all time
You're so much more than I knew I could ask for
Mister Sandman brought me a dream
Now you're all mine
For all time

[Instrumental break]

Somebody pinch me,
has it been a dream?
Luckiest gal that I've ever seen
Cause you're all mine
For all time

Day after day,
I see your beautiful face
First time in my life things fall into place
Now you're all mine
For all time

[Instrumental break]

Now baby,
I wanna hear those vows
I wanna hear how you're always gonna love me
and I wanna hear it now

Oh please, honey
I gotta know your vows
As those eyes twinkle into mine
Tell me you'll always be around
Yeah, oh my love
I gotta hear those vows
As your lips say those words to me
I'm living for the sound

Yeah, oh my darling
I wish to have those vows
But I can't
But I can
Feel your hands sliding into mine
See your eyes twinkle like a chime
Lips to lips
It was so divine
Yes, it seems like it's over
But forever
You're mine