song by RL Grime
Secondary ft Problem lyrics

Nigger, I'm pushing through my over
Put up in my new ??
Nigger with an attitude, hold my ice cube shit.
Here's 'em up , niggers up.
Haters always looking at me, mad at me
All they listen is an old ??
My chick bad, looking like a bag of Malis
The clip ?? looking like a pack of Allies
Baby never scared, they do
I ask them to.
Licking down, and lick within
Now drop it in, my woman do.
Damn, I like them beautiful, drop it to the
California flow
Got that look on Avenue ??
California dope.
Been around the World, but it's the California rap
Niggers turning, and niggers got that ?? California loop

I'm about to go
Everythang in here is the secondary
Secondary, secondary.
Man, fuck them hoes,
Money first, everythang is secondary.
Secondary, secondary.
I said, woo-oooh-oooh
Say, say woo-oooh-oooh
If the moeny, you're the hoe
Everybody secondary.