song by Refs
Stories lyrics

You looked me in the face and told me that I'm selfish
Told me there isn't nothing I can do to repair this
I said I'm sorry and I hope that some day that we can be friends
I couldn't say you make me feel like I am worthless
That you took all I had to give without recording
But I kept my last shot because I knew that this is it

You know that I forgive you, I know you don't forgive me
We're only humans, so you hold on to complete me to different stories
You know that I will move on, and I know that you're gone
But with the [?] my name, I'll only wait for anybody [?]
I'd rather let you

Breathe on the way when I said I thought we could make history
I cut our phone and ties so you could ever love me
Finally, finally you have your way, I find it to you good [?]
Then you praise my words until I felt like I couldn't speak
Claimed you could read my mind and held my thought against me
You [?] brave enough to contradict you