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Album : Redinho [2014]

Album : Redinho [2014] album cover

Released on September 22nd, 2014, the debut album from Redinho includes 15 tracks, and it showcases those trademark Redinho vocal styles and the full weight of his unique production skills. Inspirations may come from the songs, synths and drum machines of 80's Funk records and classic British Electronica but this record is very much a product of 2014.

Redinho(2014) album track listing:

01 Stinger
02 Jacuzzi
03 Playing With Fire
04 Dive
05 Searching
06 Shem
07 Bubbles
08 Sharp Shooter
09 Making Up the Rules
10 With Or Without You
11 Get You Off My Mind
12 Suction Skit
13 Going Nowhere
14 Say I Want You
15 Stay Together

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