song by PRIES
The Don feat. Emilio Rojas lyrics

I'm the hottest thing since 2 strings
The coldest out, Disney's Frozen got a saint
Women can't let me go, I blame the feelings
'Cause now that I'm on, it's amazing what those shoulders bring
All the times I was crossed out
They shake can't even make this nigga fall out
I'm rising up, I'm rising up, who brought the killer out
I don't fear these niggas that still stay at they mama's house
'Cause if I lose it, then my music can bring marshal out
I know they want tea parties is the fucking sprout
I leave you wet my nigga for braille ping pow
I don't pull triggers, I got niggas for the bing bow
I'm talking sales from hell, you hear me clear now?
Hump from rises you could spring and still get shot down
Sniper scope on my dreams nigga
What you playing, what you saying
You got priest nigga?

Halleluha, shit
And if you don't then you a dog
But I ain't playing nigga
'Cause tricks are for kids, no Houdini, nigga
I got a girl that one night cost more than dental fellas
I got a sweet of her, see kisses got me stroking different
I'm never stuck, I'm never worried about who don't get it
'Cause the ones I got and all my problem
They ain't tryina fix it
More like sit back and fucking let your eyes listen
'Cause what you see is what you get, this ain't television
More like 3D, big screen in a Bentley
Never ran from nothing, now these labels tryina get me
Like baby you should rap more, maybe you should sing less
Or maybe if y'all knew me, y'all would have known your shit to sign this
Now I'm signing split, sheez for records on yours projects
'Cause when you artists fail I'm the nigga you gonn' call next
I'm the illest, I'm the illest, I'm fucking illest
I say it so damn much I got a fucking illness
Raise the bar, courtesy of drinking
I'm the hottest in my city, check my numbers if you question
Hold a buckle up, somebody grab the libations
It's a toast for my city, even when I'm on vacation
'Cause I try not be norm, except I am the smell snort
Y'all niggas are lug own, it's kudo
No need for your kudos
'Cause fuck of y'all snitch
I fuck with pigs, menudo

Hey Frank, you know I fuck with you man
I try to tell them
Fuck these motherfuckers, no respect for them
These draws in my hood, man my part of town ain't know for decadence
New York I'm with the porties and Dominicans
Callie I'm with Mexicans
Half white and half Hispanic, but fully in this for excellence
Now all my girls is hela bad
Titties pierced with hela ass
I'm landing in your circle with the choppa, like a helipad
Like brah, now all my foes get mowed down so
How the fuck your grass is greener dog
When there's this blood in it, huh?
I don't have to rhyme, now I hear the shit you're talking
When you're sounding like a pantomime
Fuck it, y'all more like phantom mind
Hear a little me, you homie, that shit you can't deny
I expect my name to be mentioned now when it's thank you time
I'm past the dime, I'ma die plus a dime wine
Makes me Donnie Halfaway when he's sipping on Shine Dine
I'm the illest, now I'm from New York, fuck who the trillest
In that double groose bubble with leather in that chinchilla, ah!