song by Polish Ambassador
Lost & Found feat Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo lyrics

She loved travel, her heart flows where she chose
With a routine quickly pack the bags and let's go
In and out of hotels, travel light and propel
From one spot to next spot, she did so well
Never really got attached to any one place
More about the quantity, addicted to the pace
Till one day, an unexpected stay
In a place she kept secret so I'd rather not say
Just know a feeling resonated in her chest
So strong that she didn't feel like she could move on
But still, the plane ticket had a time on it
She was used to only doing what her mind wanted
Though her spirit started to speak, she wouldn't let it peak
To the point where it would shuffle her agenda for the week
But sitting on the plane to leave simply felt wrong
Looking out the window with her face forlorn

Long, long, long, long, long
Long, long, long, long, long

Liftoff, takeoff, always on schedule
Disregard the silly words your gut keeps telling you
Inner dialogue as she rides through the fog
Up and through the clouds then descent, touch down
Now on the ground, speeding to a meeting
To tell you all the truth, she's aloof in the proceedings
Couldn't shake this feeling that she didn't belong
Now the music getting louder, heart singing that song
Longing for this place she barely knew
Life offers so many paths for you to choose
Sometimes, though, we're not meant to know
But she listened to her inner voice, it's telling her "Go"
She rose from the table, thanked the whole staff
Chuckled under her breath to stop a full laugh
"Thank you all for coming out, but I've gotta go
Please direct all your requests to so and so"
Same bags, same tags, same short notice
She left to embark on a quest with one focus
To unearth this possible rebirth
The fulfillment of understanding her purpose on earth
No time to waste, she's hopping on a flight
The only way to make her and her fate unite
She's living through passion, life on a whim
Ascending through the night, now the journey begins

Taken to the edge, DON'T HOLD BACK, just jump ahead
Choosing her name, naming herself, whether she knows or not
Gotta go every moment
Long, long way to go, got a long, LONG WAY TO GO
Choosing her name, naming herself, whether she knows or not
Gotta go every moment

Finally she lands in this brand new land, luggage in tow
With her heart in her hand she walk upon foreign soil once again
But this time with every intent of staying
Made calls to family, called some friends
They didn't understand, no, they couldn't comprehend
A couple people even told her that she's crazy
Thinking to herself on the low, "Well, maybe"
Nevertheless, the quest must go on
Doubts in her mind she refused to prolong
Never known to be thin skinned she looked within
And let her exploration begin
Discovery of many semi unturned stones
From times she had visions of life with lush tones
Envisioned herself before the pressures of the world
And had a 'convo with that little bright eyed girl
Those old ambitions were so enriching
They gave a new purpose to life, a new rhythm
She walked with a bop as she went to see spots
That moved her with pure beauty, she channeled more thoughts
Her heart flourished and art nourished her soul
Her creations shed a light upon the people she showed
The love radiated satiating the community
Causing this to circulate a bliss quite beautifully
Suitably spawned by feelings of calm
That were anchored by an overwhelming sense she belonged
All along she thought she simply had a flair
For venturing around the globe until she came here
Now she realizes that the furious pace
Was her spirit seeking a feeling, an energy, a place
A hundred thousand miles just to reach one zone
Her luggage is unpacked, she's finally at home

Taken to the edge, don't hold back, just jump ahead
Choosing her name, naming herself, whether she knows or not
Gotta go every moment