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Album : EP2 [2014]

Album : EP2 [2014] album cover

Rockers band Pixies have released a surprise album this year, an EP-2 that includes 4 new songs. This is actually a follow-up to their September EP-1.
The EP-2 features Blue-Eyed Hexe alongside new songs Magdalena, Greens and Blues and Snakes. The vinyl release is limited to 4,000 copies and comes complete with a lossless audio download plus a black patch-stitched hoodie. Alternatively, fans can simply download the EP-2 for £4 via Pixies website.

1. Blue-Eyed Hexe lyrics
2. Greens and Blues lyrics
3. Magdalena lyrics

Album : EP-1 [2013]

Album : EP-1 [2013] album cover

Pixies' 4-track new EP comes out as the first one from a series of mini-releases which the band will deliver us in the next 15 months.
EP-1 tracklisting below:
01. Andro Queen
02. Another Toe In The Ocean
03. Indie Cindy
04. What Goes Boom

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2. Another Toe lyrics
3. What Goes Boom lyrics

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