Pinky Pinky - My friend Sean

My friend Sean by Pinky Pinky Song lyrics | Music video

There he goes, he's a just the best looking that I know
I keep talking to myself about his tight pants and heartrob
Those pattern jeans, his ass pulls through the scenes
He caught me looking at him from behind
Thought I'd lose my mind
He was my friend Sean
My friend Sean
My friend Sean
Hey, he's my friend

Hasn't [?] through our walking slow
Just to pick at him
Words are hard swimming it out with the boys down at the gym
Oh, what a teasing [?]
And I caught him looking at me in the eye
Oh, my friend Sean
My friend Sean
My friend Sean
Hey, but now I'm alone

Everyone is staring at me as I walk right in
They saying, he doesn't know you very well
And I said, well just go at him
Oh, Sean
Please tell me what the hell is going on?
It's so confusing, I don't know if I want this anymore
But he's coming closer to me
And then he, he put my guard down so quietly
And all those girls they staring at me
I don't want this anymore
But, oh, man, here he comes
Oh, my God, he's the one
He makes it so much fun
I can't eat, I can't sleep
What can he do when he's done with me?
Oh, God, please, I can't take this
Please go slower, no, faster
Please, make it stop.