Pet Shop Boys - The Dictator Decides

The Dictator Decides by Pet Shop Boys Song lyrics | Music video

[Electronic music]

Please someone say the unsayable
Will someone please tell me I'm wrong
I live everyday like a saddest pray
For I have to appear to be strong
and that's wrong
I'm too weak to be strong

Today I met with the Germans
and held my secret police
Discussing conspiracies and prison facilities
For moments I can never release
and they'll be at peace until they're released

With cause I ??? with the army
It's not like I've got any choice
They officially don't need my father before me
But gunpoint has its own voice

Jokies are not even a demagogue,
Have you heard me giving a speech?
Wow factor inventoried, I sound quite ??
So deluded, it beggars belief
It would be such a relief
Not to give another speech

Can someone please say the impossible?
‘Cause I should be out on the streets
I've lost any will, to threat and kill
It would be easy for you to defeat
At any resistance I'd meet,
I'll beat in retreat

I'd rather have you to shoot me
But I quite understand if you didn't
Watch out for the army, the generals and the bombing
With the thought of take over bend
Oh, please will somebody put me
Out of my misery
The sadder dictator, sooner or later
Flees so that you can be free
If you get rid of me, we can all be free