Passenger - Caution to the Wind

Caution to the Wind by Passenger Song lyrics | Music video

[Guitar intro]

Feels like I'm driving blindfolded
Full speed, with a belly full of weed and booze
Feels like I'm sky diving head first into love
Without a parachute
Oh, I spin the wheel one last time darling
I feel I've got nothing left to lose
This is my last shot in the dark
Loves' final spark
Before I cut my heart loose
and you know it's only right to feel the stage fright
Before the show begins
But aren't you tired of standing here, full of fear
and just waiting in the wings
Oh, let's throw caution to the wind

[Guitar break]

Oh, let's go dancing through the fire
Walk out on the wire while the choir sings
Yeah, let's go stumbling and tumbling
Through the darkness while the sirens ring
Won't you deal the cards one last time darling?
I'm sure that house doesn't always win
and if you'll be my queen of hearts
Then you'd turn me from a joker to a king
You know it's only fair to feel scared before stepping in to the ring
Yeah, but ain't it better to go down in the first round
If you're fighting for the real thing?
and throwing caution to the wind.

Well you know you only feel this if it's real it's such a terrifying thing
You throw your armor and your shield on the battlefield
But it's the only way to win
You see life is what you make it
It's better if you fake it
or you phone it in
So, here's a leap of faith
We'll take it
and we'll both throw our caution to the wind
Yeah, we'll throw our caution to the wind.
Oh, we'll throw our caution to the wind.