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Album : Full Colour [2016]

Album : Full Colour [2016] album cover

Released on Sept. 16, 2016 Paper Lions' new album "Full Colour" arrived via Fountain Pop Records. It includes 11 tracks, and it marks the first LP from the indie pop quartet since 2013's "My Friends".
"Full Colour" - album track listing:

1. Don't Wanna Dance
2. My number
3. End of July
4. Honestly
5. Call Back
6. I'll See you soon
7. If you ever
8. Take a look at my girl
9. Born to Rule
10. Believer
12. Best out of you

1. Believer lyrics
2. Best out of you lyrics
3. Born to rule lyrics
4. Don't Wanna Dance lyrics
5. End of July lyrics
6. Honestly lyrics
7. I'll see you soon lyrics
8. If you ever lyrics
9. My number lyrics
10. Take a look at my girl lyrics

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