Osiah - The eye of the swarm

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featuring Ben Duerr

(The eye of the swarm)

They were born in a cesspit of a world
Until they embraced the wyrm gods
To be born anew, servants of darkness
To live and die by the logic of the sword
Their tribute to the dark, eradication of the weak
Only the strong shall survive
And the strongest of the swarm shall rule
Those who worship the light will ultimately end up proven as fools
Travel the stars
To proliferate; the shadow
Travel the stars
Propagators of sorrow
Consuming the carrion of offspring
For there is eternal life within the larvae
From their bodies they extract all weakness
Holding function over fragile flesh
Crawling deep within a host
The ability to recreate as they see fit
For where there's imperfection or injustice
They will succumb to the hive mind
Within their hosts, an undefeatable mass
Within their hosts, the darkness shall outlast all
Never again shall the enemies of darkness seek
To emerge against the unfathomable dominance
Of pure perfection
A system enduring
The eye of the swarm
There lies a curse; in this empowering larvae
They're consumed within, if it's host disobeys their purpose
Travel the stars
They're bound to obey their nature
Travel the stars
They're bound by conjecture
Existence is the struggle to exist
Terror falls on the lambs to the slaughter
Only the species of war shall survive
Against these crusaders of death
War cry across the stars
They watch the suns flicker in fear
Darkness, to swallow all light
Remove the parasite
The ones who feast but have no right
Darkness has come to swallow all