song by OnCue
Ritual feat Ro Ransom lyrics

I get mood swings like before you pay me
Uhm, mh, that's a ritual
Pour a glass of that Bourbon that I'm waiting
Uhm, mh, that's a ritual
Now I'm fading for you, I'm on the [?]
And I've played like I didn't know
Yeah, have some [?]
Uhm, mh, that's a ritual

Yeah I took some mills but I've always got a vision
Money money money
I just speech them to existence
Got no ugly, tell me why the hell I'm winning
Chilling all in the feeling
So pick the good drink, that's damn true
Girl, I'm in the boxes it's like I'm brand new
Rapper say they'll light me like some candles
[?] all these bamboo

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