song by OnCue
After life lyrics

Christmas 2013, realized I was losing my mind
Few days later you told me you feel you were losing your mind
You was crying in the kitchen, daddy [?]
You was crying in the kitchen
Yeah, I was already hooked when I was crying in my kitchen
See I had this vision, only been by the [?]
But I gotta write my sentence, I were four stars rhythm
But against the who? Nothing gonna change
Think about the last seeing you
Yeah, so much pain
Asked me what's wrong? Saw it on my face
You can barely speak, but you saw it on me
Catch you in your cheat bout a few weeks [?]
But I wasn't
I still see you wanna live, dance on a glowey[?]
I was in the studio working
I wasn't ignore ya, I'm tryina give you the life you deserve
Yeah, while you were [?] with them jerks
[?] but you lived through my heart and [?]

It's just on
And I know and I go on
Need you
It's just on
And I know and I go on
And I need you