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Explore The Castellows' debut EP, 'A Little Goes A Long Way,' featuring sleek harmonies and chart-topping tracks like 'No. 7 Road.' Join the Georgia-based trio on a musical journey set to redefine country brilliance on February 9th.

In the vibrant landscape of emerging artists, The Castellows have swiftly become a name on everyone's lips, garnering attention with their stellar covers throughout late 2023. Now, the eagerly awaited news is out – the talented sister-trio, comprising Ellie, Powell, and Lily, is gearing up to release their first EP, "A Little Goes A Long Way," scheduled for February 9th, 2024.


The excitement surrounding this forthcoming project is palpable, fueled by the inclusion of their beloved debut single, 'No. 7 Road,' alongside a soulful cover of Leon Helm's 'Hurricane' and their latest track, 'I Know It'll Never End.' But the anticipation doesn't stop there; the seven-track EP promises even more with unreleased originals like the title-track, 'Heartline Hill,' 'The Part Where You Break My Heart,' and 'Cowboy Kind of Love.'


Ahead of the EP's unveiling, the Georgia-based trio shared their enthusiasm, stating, "We are extremely excited to release our first project for the world to hear on February 9th! This collection of seven songs means so much to us, and we hope everyone loves them as much as we do. We have a lot more that we’re working on for the year to come and we can’t wait for it all to be released!"


The Castellows continue to carve out a distinctive path in Music City, showcasing their sleek three-part harmonies and a penchant for an enchanting, neo-traditional country sound. Each single released from "A Little Goes A Long Way" exemplifies their musical prowess, further solidifying their presence in the industry.


As February 9th approaches, music enthusiasts can look forward to immersing themselves in The Castellows' unique blend of talent, passion, and a refreshing take on country music. Here's the EP tracklisting as it follows:


      • A Little Goes A Long Way
      • Heartline Hill
      • The Part Where You Break My Heart
      • No. 7 Road
      • Cowboy Kind of Love
      • Hurricane
      • I Know It'll Never End