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Chicago indie-rock artist Tasha announces her third album, All This and So Much More, out September 20. Listen to the lead single “The Beginning” and watch the captivating music video directed by Tomberlin.

Chicago indie-rock and folk sensation Tasha is back with exciting news! Her third LP, All This and So Much More, is set to drop on September 20 via Bayonet. Alongside the announcement, Tasha has released the lead single "The Beginning," complete with a charming music video directed by fellow musician Tomberlin. In the video, Tasha takes us on a contemplative journey through New York, buying flowers, sitting in an empty skatepark, and exploring public parks. Check out this slice-of-life video below.

All This and So Much More was produced by Gregory Uhlmann and follows Tasha’s 2021 album Tell Me What You Miss the Most. This new album reflects a period of personal growth up until 2023, right before Tasha joined the Broadway cast of Illinoise, the Tony-winning dance musical by Justin Peck based on Sufjan Stevens’ 2005 album Illinois.

"The Beginning": A Song of Hope and Discovery

“As one of the first songs I wrote for this album, ‘The Beginning’ feels like an introduction to the journey of self-discovery I found myself on throughout the year to come,” Tasha explains. “While the song touches on uncertainty, sadness, and a desire for connection, the very first line—‘This is not the end/it’s just the beginning’—encapsulates the sense of hope and possibility I continued to arrive at after it all.”

Tasha's reflection on this song highlights the theme of transformation and new beginnings. The song’s outro, featuring a spinning guitar solo by Greg Uhlmann, leaves listeners with a sense of excitement for the adventures yet to come. “It can be hard to see in the moment, but big endings are so often openings to adventures you haven’t even begun to imagine,” she adds.

Personal Reflections on the Album

Tasha shares that All This and So Much More contains her favorite songs to date, written during a transformative period often referred to as the Saturn Return season. “These songs are full of all the shedding, disorientation, loss, and ecstatic return to self that that journey brings,” she says. Tasha expresses deep gratitude to her friend and collaborator Gregory Uhlmann for his role in the recording process, praising his imagination and talent for bringing the music landscapes of her songs to life.

The 10-track LP also features the song “Michigan,” promising fans an introspective and emotionally rich musical experience.

All This and So Much More:

01 Pretend
02 The Beginning
03 Be Better
04 Good Song
05 Michigan
06 Party
07 Nina
08 Eric Song
09 So Much More
10 Love’s Changing


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