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Indie-pop artist RYDER released her second effort, a powerful single titled Ruins. Take a listen below.

Indie-pop artist Ryder has released her new single Ruins, and also made it available for free download on the Soundcloud page.

While debuted with Pretty Little Gangster in March, this is her second effort to make a stand in the music industry. Though she’s not yet signed to a major label, it’s not too late, as you can hear her belting some powerful vocals! Just take a listen to the emotional single below.



"Sometimes love is ours to burn in flames
Sometimes the ending is your best to save
(Ruins, ruins)
I got a hunt out the edge that it wants to break
And I know that once there was a way
I won't return to the ruins

Ruins, ruins, ruins
I won't return to the ruins
Ruins, ruins, ruins"