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Jordin Sparks sings theme song for Left Behind upcoming movie, I Wish We'd All Been Ready, a movie in which the singer is also starring as Shasta Carvell.

After recently broke up with Jason Derulo, the American singer/actress Jordin Sparks shares new music for the soundtrack of Left Behind upcoming movie titled I Wish We'd All Been Ready. It's actually a cover of Larry Norman's 1970's single but which actually fits with her situation at this moment. Serving as the main theme song for the apocalyptic thriller, the stirring ballad finds Sparks singing heartfelt lyrics about troubling societal struggles.


Starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Vic Armstrong, Left Behind is based on the novel of the same name by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Jordin also stars in the film as a main character named Shasta Carvell. The film actually premieres this week, Friday, October 3.

Take a listen to the new song below.