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Featuring Joshy Soul, Ryan Hartman, Scott Davis, Will Rockwell, and Trevor Nealon on keys "Back To The Country" is the latest preview from Wyatt's genre-defying work of healing and self-love "Feel Good", out November 3rd on New West Records.

The talented singer-songwriter Jaime Wyatt is about to drop a brand new album, "Feel Good." This exciting release is set to mark a significant moment in her musical career.


The lead single from the album, World Worth Keeping, is already available across all platforms, giving fans a glimpse of the sonic treasures awaiting them. But recently, Jaime returned with the release of the bright new track Back To The Country. The song is a retrospective look on her wild life and the impact of a journey around Nashville with a fan-turned-friend.


Back To The Country features Joshy Soul, Ryan Hartman, Scott Davis, Will Rockwell, and Trevor Nealon and you can listen to the song below.



"Feel Good" is slated for release on November 3, and it holds the promise of being a standout addition to Wyatt's repertoire. This album serves as her first full-length project since her critically acclaimed 2020 record, "Neon Cross." The latter brought us a collection of fan-favorite tracks, including the Shooter Jennings collaboration, 'Hurt So Bad,' as well as 'Make Something Outta Me' and 'Rattlesnake Girl.' These songs showcased Wyatt's unique ability to weave captivating stories into her music.


Speaking about the creative impetus behind "Feel Good," Jaime Wyatt emphasized the importance of authenticity. She said, "A lot of us grow up feeling like we have to hide who we are just to be accepted, but that comes from a place of fear and judgment." The upcoming album, she noted, is a bold departure from this notion, representing a resilient and intentional sense of optimism. "I wrote these songs as a way of letting go of all that, as permission to feel good," Wyatt added.


"Feel Good" was crafted in collaboration with Adrian Quesada of the Black Pumas band, ensuring a diverse and dynamic musical journey. The album effortlessly spans various thematic and sonic territories, incorporating elements of alt-country, Southern soul, classic R&B, and more. Wyatt’s writing is raw and intuitive here, tapping into the deep recesses of her subconscious as she reckons with grief & growth.


Also featuring Joshy Soul, Ryan Hartman, Scott Davis, Will Rockwell, and Trevor Nealon on keys “Back To The Country” is the latest preview from Wyatt’s genre-defying work of healing and self-love Feel Good, out November 3rd on New West.


Keep an eye out for the release on November 3, as Jaime Wyatt delivers yet another musical masterpiece that's sure to resonate deeply with her audience.

"Feel Good" full tracklist below:

            1. World Worth Keeping
            2. Feel Good
            3. Back To The Country
            4. Love Is A Place
            5. Hold Me One Last Time
            6. Where The Damned Only Go
            7. Althea
            8. Fugitive
            9. Jukebox Holiday
            10. Ain't Enough Whiskey
            11. Moonlighter