song by Loser
Sneakers lyrics

Blank pictures on the wall and I'll never fill them, woah
Kill me, you kill us all
I'd take that chance if I were you
Listening's the last thing I would do
And 15 more should probably do it
Six feet but I'd go deeper (Fantom)
Oh and don't forget to burn my
I'll take the trash out one more time
You'll reevaluate my life
I'll lie and tell you I'm alright, okay
Ten pounds, we've got no use for that, my bad
If you screw up, no turning back, I promise

Take my passwords, I don't have a use for them right now
I pray in this next life, I get to keep my Steam account
So bide your time and keep me down
Stay on your toes, shoot еvery sound
Don't let my feet touch solid ground (Don't let mе out)

If you're hearing this, I'm gone
I'm sorry for the trouble that I caused
Don't feel like you lost, I'm keeping that between me and the rocks
Let the people talk, I can't hear a word outside these walls
Fix [?] cause, makes up money while I sit and rot