song by Lord Huron
Dead Man's Hand lyrics

It aligns in the date of the night
While I was my cowbell
Tryina keep my eyes open wide
I'm going days without any rest
Saw a ??? in the road looking back
About 20 years away
You come back from the city east
But you don't come back from the dead

Sure as hell he was dead as it comes
And he was already starting to smell
Just to keep his hair still back
And the knife turned in his bell
Was he unforgiving, just tryina live it about
Never felt like this
Though I was walking where he's at ???

I've let him down in a grave in the sand
And he gripped my arm with his dead man's head
He said I know I'm dead but I don't wanna die
In a grave out here where the carrions cry
I step out into the endless void
And I ain't going back if I got any choice
I know how to leave, I know how to die
I believe in no thrills in the afterlife

So leave me up out here my friend
And I won't look back to your desire
Leave me wound here on through the sand
And he waved goodbye with his dead man's hand

[instrumental break]

And he'll all forever haunt in the desert
And he'll all forever haunt in the desert