song by Lola Monroe
No Talking lyrics

No weapon from against me shall prosper
Every untoast from the missed child lobsters
Pick a pow wrestler, reaching down posters
Listen tales monsters, the Chanel mobsters
This my addiction, if you listen I could coach you
I'm in the kitchen with these chicken and a roster
So why you're bitching 'bout bitches don't approach you?
I got intentions to bitch up and broke ya
Seven thirty seven at the church
Demish for the cabbage I'll approach ya
Real niggas run everything, but their mouth
Real bitch gon' teach what king is all about
I got G's that will stretch you like they're from B
??? get you JFK out of JFK
Said I see you, ???

You already know what is like alike
You already know
I ain't got the time to be trippin' why they calling my line on you
No talking, I don't do no talking
I don't do no talking
I don't do no talking