Lloyd Banks - Reap What You Sow

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King Kong from adolescence,
Meantime back in for messing
Guess you were guessing
And peeing them in the wrong direction
You be stretching them for so long perfection
Twiking my engine, dreaming my crown on
Picking a legend ever since kid I'm famous for Gods and heroes
I'm hanging more rookies who died for nothing
Only remember [?]
So don't anticipate the post [?]
I don't even like to speak no competition breathing hol' up
A handicap spot up, I'm penny stackies brought up
If I'd told you I was tired would you judge me? Criticize my account?
This appearances you're lucky
I don't flip in talking anyone they consider above me
And start picking them up one by one
That would be lovely and ugly

They say you won't reap what you sow
They ain't no lover in this place that I call home
No one to lean on I've been out here on my own
Don't need no haters 'round me fuckin up my zone
You're all protected, ain't no better way to love
Here with my ego 'cause it's no better way to know
Separate yourself, or else they won't let you grow
I want them know that you won't let me go
Oh yeah