Little Simz - Bars Simzson

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I'm a VISIONARY, get the eyes to the self made money gang,
niggas up there, they can see a little bit of them in me,
Roll trees, I'm a young Steve Jobs
When I get up to 21 I'mma be handing out jobs
And that ain't even a lot compared to what I'm really about to do
And I dare you to ever wanna stop me, no ever
that title I'll make it better
Give me any challenge or journey and I'll endeavour
That ain't even much
I ain't even bragging as such
Never will there ever be a rush
Rev up then lift up the clutch
Labels don't get me, I must be speaking in dutch
Oh what the fuck?
Lyrically bury these rappers alive, come back and finish my lunch
Cheeky I know it enough
They rate the average rapper, niggas is lost
Pay me to talk to the boss
You asked for quality why are you watching the cost?
Spend all your money on Gucci
Why are you stunting? I just roll up in Lacoste
Many are ready to all floss
Tryina be heavy, the weight loss
Give me a second to break locks
Vocalling bangers I make lots
Here and I'm ready to take shots
Bringing it to me and they lost ah
Why would you be surprised when the 3rd eye is the main watch
I'd advise you to make ties with the state boss
Or deprive you of steak, fries like a stray dog

'Cause mothafuckers never loved us like the Drake song
I be here have you forgotten?
I ain't even gotta tell them I'm a fucking problem
Though I keep it humble I ain't into all the flossing
Get them hands up at the shows I get it popping
Read between the lines why you acting like you don't know the space
Space age will define what is great
I put my mind in a place where I don't focus on the time or the day
Man I got too much to say let me say it
Put my verse on a quick loop when you play it
I ain't never gotta impress you when I spray it
When I blow big you will know that chaos
GRM have the evidence I'm rated
Everybody knows I'm a clever young lass
With a little sas
Tryina put my city on the map
When chilling with Bas
I was never gone though, I'm back
I'm just tryina bun a little zeggie, where's it at?
Gimme that