song by Leif Vollebekk
Off the Main Drag lyrics

Old gas station hasn't changed in decades
Cashier checks the time around her
Put my things on the counter
Pull out my wallet like some pull down the shades
My only brother lent me his only car
Who knew I would drive it so far?
Sometimes you move out of some obligations
It was gorgeous on the outside, inside it was just a machine
It was the fastest thing I've ever seen
I first met Victoria at Victoria Station
And we'd always talk about going for a beer
She said 'it's strange now that you're here'
We went back to her place, 57th Reed Crossing
Now she's as poor as me but she looks twice as good
I told her that because it's something I would
She shrugged a little and she turned off the faucet
And later on as we crawled into bed
I was thinking of something my father had said
He said 'son, you're better off, off of the main drag'
With my well-worn body wrenched like a rag
There I was straight off the main drag.