Leaf Ward - They Forgot 4 ft. Muji

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You have one minute remaining.
They didn't first warn you, they didn't first ask you
Or [?] he ain't fighting, they're putting silver, then they stands him
Later [?] gunned him a sandwich...

"They forgot 4" Lyrics continue below:

Yeah, ye
I know my dog down on his ddick, I'ma share my train
We gon' go back & forth
Savage savage, without ups we'd not be born
I beg the course, I beg you get out the struggle
Got out the house before I ask for your demons
If you listen, you'll hear me saying knocking all my niggas
Niggas here show the fangs, I know it ain't my slang for sure
See that blank [?] I cut them tides [?]
Seeing a niggas eye to eye, just get rich and then go back to poor
The money change, the God gon' take them from you
I saw that before
We stressin' guessin' tryin find out who tellin'
We don't feel alert
They've murdered two, but when we gon' take that cut
The love will be spilling, my niggas they die
And I try, but they don't hide
We show no weakness, but believe me we're still filling in the sides
I conserve them, but I try
They say the love is where they lie
Brought to side to murder up a guy
They know I'm gon' ride (wild)
And we got tide to rode the action