song by Kool Keith
Turn the levels lyrics

Turn the levels up
(Show em, tell em)
Turn the levels up
(Show em, tell em tell em)
Turn the levels up
(Show em, show em, tell em)

I'm so nice, I can drive a car with no steer wheel
Make the fake people move out in the Hollywood hills
[?] on each side, cut out the roof off the Cadillacs
Civils y'all acting, while I'm sitting in the backseat with a chauffeur
Taking show off pills, I got cash,
y'all might wanna keep your skinny legs to seal
I feel your paper taking
I'll make it aggravated, application for the applicants
Give you a good job with the razor
What's important than shaving?
You might wanna wake up and put up an ape to [?]
I might give you rip laws [?] whipping down the hUmmer
You know the county girls watch my jaws in downey
I trade mini [?]
I was so close to the stars I can reach out to wind and touch Usher
Cook your style right on, what y'all doing is putting play dough to clean the oven
Gas tank full, you need a point to nothing
Most of sales comes from brush juggling
Rubber toys, straight from the Boston combat zone
Let me know when they get in the lane, you should guide in
I see you blinking lights switching in