Kimbra - Force Field feat. Sahtyre

Force Field feat. Sahtyre by Kimbra Song lyrics | Music video

Force Field is included on Kimbra's upcoming album "Idols & Vices (Vol. 1)" - out September 25, 2024. Force Field features Sahtyre and was produced by Kimbra and co-written by Kimbra and Sahtyre. Force Field feat. Sahtyre Song Lyrics are added here.

Ooo baby, you've changed
Right down to every word you say
Ooo baby, I've changed
Cause nothing seems to sound the same

Criticize everything I do
and I don't think there's room in here for two
Only one thing that I can do
Raise them barricades and walk away

I'm gonna build a force field around myself
I just can't let you in because you'll hurt yourself
Be looking out for number one
No more promises to make to anyone, oooo oh oh oh
No more promises to make to anyone, oooo oh oh oh oh
No more promises to make to anyone

[Sahtyre verse:]
Smoke cloud lookin' like force field
More chill, refill promise that I don't feel nothing
Got a new chain from the goodwill
Hood still fuck it, now I'm feelin' like I'm good will hunting
One shot to dome feel something
Never seen nothing
Til you've seen everything and know it's still nothing
Know that I need it and hate that I love it
U seen how I did it, U love how I've done it
Diamond diamond
Aw shit, raw shit, Numb it
Preemo keep it clean tho
Don't cut it, King flow, Palace with the drawbridge on it
Moat so big I could prolly fish on it
Blow a kiss I caught it
Every time u say u hate me lowkey it's erotic
You think I'm psychotic,
Finally agreeing with you
Maybe that's ironic