song by Kevin Garrett
Never knock lyrics

You're in my head
In my heart's a war
And if I'm ever scared
I'll breathe the air in front of your door
And I will never knock
That's as far as I'll go
It's only in my dreams
When I say what I mean
But I'll get there near close
Yeah I'll get there

And I'm a stubborn one
I'll hide as best I can
Got this bright idea
If I show my fear
I'll be less ???
And I think too much
But I don't feel enough
With the gun to my head
And I might confess
That it's you I love

My hands are tied
I found you here tonight
And you made me into what you want
And it may seem like I fled from you once
It made you fall further from this
I wanted

'Cause I'm here right now
If you'd take the time
To let me stumble through
How I feel about you
As I mess up my life
And you'll hear me out
Let's just say you will
'Cause if I mouth these words
Well I'll crash and burn
You'll take me still?

My hands are tied
Around you tonight
My hands are tied
Around you tonight