song by Kero One
Return of Kinetic lyrics

Is the return, 2012
Get your mind right.
Yeah, is the return of kinetic
Attitude resurrected, orgies of the 90's
Listen, all Whitney's be blessing.
I'm tired of all of 'em old methods
Formulas and message,
What is art to me? None is impressive.
Let's build each other up, like the tour Babel
Tied up to bullets last larger in the eyes of Shreveport
My duties to rap world, produce beats and blasts
You've always give me if's
The duty to unwrap 'em from fiddle kit to casket
Some trap by the evil one,
What have we become?
Now even none, of what's to come.
What if we could all leave the slams or we could
Feed the bombs, and teach something dart-est
To swim against the water,
Upstream, we dreamed our world
Could take the backseat for peace
But we all want justice in this world,
For the deceased.
What's the problem with the humanity?
Is it suffering or sin? It's started with thin
It kept tracking.
Generation of bleak, recycled in piece
Lost power and greed, pined ...
Now, who'd be the chosen one to shower the seas?
From dark suns and thunder, come flowers and leaves.
They talk a lot of game,
But who's really willing to plead it
To co-lead it to .. for us so we could be free?
Let's hope with a... of light
To feel the life from a high chair,
No need to fight it.
Chuck and stones against the bones of
Your worst nightmare, let your mind going and
You'll find light fair.