K. Michelle

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K. Michelle dropped a follow-up to her 2013 The Hold Over, Still No Fucks Given which includes 25 new tracks.
'Still No Fucks Given' album track list
01. Realest In The Game
02. Enjoy The Show
03. I Love This Way
04. Put You On Game
05. Fuck You
06. P. Diddy
07. Pain Killa
08. Justin Bieber feat. Jeff Robinson
09. I Love The Money
10. Drink Bleach LS
11. Heartbreak and Headboards
12. Baby Momma
13. Hmmm
14. Loyal
15. No Invite
16. #Honest
17. Devil In You
18. 10 Min With God
19. We All Try
20. Run The Streets
21. Rated R
22. Summer
23. Cont
24. Tomorrow Too Late
25. Wherever You Are