K.A.A.N. - Doubt it

Doubt it by K.A.A.N. Song lyrics | Music video

All I hear is bullshit coming out your lips
All I hate is [?] talking bout the rich
All I see is smoke, for a minute let it be
All of this ignorance is something that I'll never get,
Get it while you can
You know why you're still living, let me put you on some game
It won't even take a minute, just keep working through the pain
Then you'll see the blade
Just tell them I have seen it all, and I'm still refusing to check [?]
I've said I'm going for the kill, don't give a shit
[?] doing alright
Your vision on the 2020 if we're talking high sight
I was made to play the [?] you know block them both sides
And I've made it to a level where I'm feeling the best, ay
Tryina tell them that it's really no compare in the I, I, I, I
I'm the fuck off sign
Yes, Lord, I'm feelin like I'm your son
Just wait, I'll show you I'm the one
It's running through my veins, we could never be the same
I, I, I, I know what I want
I know I'll never be like you
That's true, cause you'd be losing
Sure soon you'd think you got it all
Confusing [?] there's the reason we are where we're at