song by JP Cooper
When the Darkness Comes lyrics

Ay la la la la la la
Ay la la la la la la
Ooh ooh
Baby, I could see you in the evening
You could be the only book I'm reading
I'll go get you everything you're needing, and more
Darling, don't go telling me I'm faking
I'm the one who's giving you, just take it
Why'd you only want when I'm leaving your door?!
Woman, won't you tell me what you're thinking,
I give you the truth, you don't believe me,
You don't even listen to my words anymore!
Now everybody else is sleeping
I go out into the evening.
When the darkness comes,
I go out and wonder streets all night
Just to satisfy
If you need someone, put your jacket on
Meet me outside,
Maybe we could find a place to hide!

Lately you're the only thing I'm seeing,
If things are getting hazy, am I dreaming
I don't know what satisfies you no more