Josh Panda - Rollercoaster

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As it appeared on "American Song Contest (Episode 5)"

Don't you ever give up
Don't you ever let them get the best of you
When it's up to you staying strong
Lay it all on the line,
Don't you ever give in
Gotta dig a little deeper when the Heaven's getting slipper
You don't want to be the leader
[?] it's too hard to climb
Count your blessings, count your friends
When life gets twisted, you can count on him
Throw your hands up, close your eyes
You got your ticket, now enjoy the ride

Hey, sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down
(Round and round, ever feeling like you're getting closer)
Hey, sometimes you're in, sometimes you're out
(Round and round when you're life is like a rollercoaster)