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Album : Villain [2013]

Album : Villain [2013] album cover

Johnny Rain released a new record titled "Villain" which is a follow-up to his February LP release "Lullaby of Machine". The new album includes a number of 11 R&B tracks, and several guests appearances such as Alina Baraz and Xodiak.
Produced by the R&B artist himself, here's the album tracklist as it is:
01. ISIS
02. Thirsty bitch
03. I won't beg you anymore (feat. Alina Baraz)
04. Erotic City
05. Head
06. Soul sailing
07. P.U.S.S.Y.
08. Roll with the Ocean
09. Villain (feat. Xodiak)
10. Americana way
11. La Jolla

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