song by Joey Green
No Title lyrics

Okay, I got them on a tight rope
Never had to steal I'm not willing to eye temple
When you go in, but I've been on the simmer eh
You only remember for the moment I forget
You sweaty niggas got no hops
I'm brown black in tiago splitters
And I'm barbers bravy boy I've been a boy

Man hustle dc down to the soul
Sew crack, clear the kitchen let it boil
I'm running loops around these niggas
Let it coil
I plan to burn them like aluminum foil
Like microwaves if they foil mine
Wims mad black they borderline cold mind
And our eyes will never roll up closest
I'm not close mind thank god I'm ahead of them got
You so perfect with timing
The only shout out I only share my 2 cents
Mistakes I have a way talking loose crisis
I moonwalk after Skywalker with Lucas
I guess my spills belong to Spielberg and Lucas
I run the show but not press for the big screen
I just like what nice girls tell me
I do flows me
Bounty on the bottle on the menace shit is too clean
Sneakers on that loose leaf, that adrenaline, you a loose teeth
Riding round holding down the town know when to brag off
The time change this far I should break goes
Fuck if you don't like me do your thang and me might say so
Sue me and cases getting case closed by the case load
Don't judge me if you ain't got a gavel
Life sentences will sentence them
Don't never roam or travel
And meanwhile here is sap town in my last day
No one's watching for these niggas dog and matinees
Is running with them is how you run right pass the passageway
More while than shorters on Saturdays
Hey, I gotta let them know this verse is vital
All bodies, no traces, no title

I'm flier than super bowl race on ship Kelly
I'm running that nohado like I'm Jim Kelly
Your fellow good, Joey Green been on this Joe Pesci
93 boy on this 95 casino dope at me
The flow in a way jerseys they all net and sea
Beef while they got 2 robbed for the season veteran
And I just for this, though most of y'all out here to seek acceptance

I levitated out the womb
I was born a prophet with these pockets full of doom
I'm plotting on the shroom plug, I need to trip soon
Visits to the void got me getting paranoid
You can hear it in my toon
I meant to say tone but a nigga gotta rhyme
I drop them on the diamonds, I shift the paradigm
You niggas too pussy like a pretty pair of dames
Bitch I'm polting with the lines, I flip them like the coin toss
Best believe I'm womb plause, missing with my mind lost
Serpents in my vision, I can hear them hissing from the morse
I'm taking l's as we baking l's and never losses
Only lessons as I'm racking up these blessings
I'ma keep them second guessing
And I'ma keep testing on my quizzing like a tutor
I ship a magic shooter, shake them faster than the shutting up
Nigga did I stutter, no, I'm smooth like butter
You do might hover, bitch you better take cover
I'm lethal with the weapon, you ain't checking Danny Glover
I think I'm mad lover, bitch I'm all about the raps
I'm sick of paying tax so I'm steady slaying tracks
Full of facts and that flame shit
I'm kicking concepts with Lu crane kicks
I'm on some Liu King shit
They think I'm lying but they know they couldn't tame this
There's no title bitch
I bet you couldn't name this

Yeah, it's too clean, you couldn't stain this
I'm Usain, what the fuck is you saying bitch
You better start praying 'cause I'm playing on the prize
Bitch you better quit playing 'cause I'm planning your demise
You wise guys with them wise eyes
Bitch I want the chips hey
Bitch I'm on the fritz, hey
Bitch I'm making hits
So I let niggas taking hits, bitch.